Criminal Law

1 Offences Relating to the Security of the Kingdom
1.1 Offences against the King, the Queen, the Heir-apparent and the Regent
1.2 Offences against the Internal Security of the Kingdom
1.3 Offences against the External Security of the Kingdom
1.4 Offences against the Friendly Relations with Foreign States

1/1 The Offence in Respect of Terrorization

 2 Offences Relating to Public Administration
2.1 Offences against Officials
2.2 Malfeasance in Office

3 Offences relating to the Justice

3.1 Offences against the Judicial Officials
3.2 Malfeasance in Judicial Office

4 Offences relating to Religion

5 Offences relating to Public Peace

6 Offences relating to Causing Public Dangers

7 Offences relating to Counterfeit and Alteration
7.1 Offences Relating to Currencies
7.2 Offences Relating to Seals, Stamps and Tickets
7.3 Offences Relating to Document
7.4 Offences Relating the Electronic card

8 Offences Relating to Trade

9 Offences Relating to Sexuality

10 Offences against Life and Body
10.1 Offences Causing Death
10.2 Offences against Body
10.3 Offences of Abortion
10.4 Offences of Abandonment of Children, Sick Persons or Aged Persons

11 Offences against Liberty and Reputation
11.1 Offences against Liberty
11.2 Offences of Disclosure of Private Secrets
11.3 Offences of Defamation

12 Offences against Property
12.1 Offences to Theft and Snatching
12.2 Offences of Extortion, Blackmail, Robbery and Gang-Robbery
12.3 Offences of Cheating and Fraud
12.4 Offences of Cheating Against Creditors
12.5 Offences of Misappropriation
12.6 Offences of Receiving Stolen Property
12.7 Offences of Mischief
12.8 Offences of Trespass