Simply put, Criminal law is the area of law that specifically deals with crime. It is the area of law that prescribes actions that are deemed as threatening, harmful, or dangerous to the life and to the safety of people. Most criminal laws are enacted by statutes. These statutes dictate the punishment of offenders to the laws. Criminal law varies based on jurisdiction and it is very different from the civil war which places more emphasis on compensations of victims rather than punishing law offenders. A criminal lawyer in Bangkok, Thailand will either act as a prosecuting lawyer or a defense attorney in a criminal case. Many times, the prosecutor stands for the government while the defense attorney will either represent a person or an entity. A lawyer will defend a client for a wide range of crimes, from something as little as a speeding charge or a crime that is much more serious like a murder charge.

Sometimes, an attorney represents a defendant on behalf of the government. In some countries, these types of lawyers are known as public defenders and are sometimes assigned to defenders who cannot afford to pay an attorney. A criminal attorney has the primary task of representing his or her clients without putting his or her personal opinions in the way of the case. What this means is that a lawyer is bound to consistently pursue the interest of the clients even if the lawyer thinks the client is guilty of the crimes as charged or not. Apart from being in court, an attorney that specializes in criminal law spends a lot of time on a case. He will usually interview his clients for long hours, finding out information that he can use to further the cause of the case. If the prosecution team of a case offers a plea bargain, the onus is on the defense lawyer to extensively discuss plea options with his client.

It is no gainsaying that it is very important that a criminal case must be won. It is an area of law where the consequence of losing a lawsuit is usually a severe punishment. So, therefore, it is important that a criminal case is only entrusted to test and trusted criminal law experts and attorneys with a track record of winning criminal cases in court. If you are in Thailand, Garn Tunsatityanond and associates are the foremost legal house that you can rest assured of giving you the best representation for a criminal defense lawyer in Bangkok, Thailand. We are a legal firm that specializes in different areas of law and are fully committed to giving out clients only the best legal services in the country. We have a team of experienced experts that are dedicated to making sure that our clients get only favorable rulings in court. We are an English speaking law firm and that means that we are quite capable of catering to the legal needs of our English speaking clients.

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